Summer Only Lockers will be
available the week of May 20th!


Please be advised that the last day for all Fall-Winter and Winter only locker rentals is April 26th. Please make necessary arrangements to clean out your locker before this date. Any personal belongings left behind after this date will be discarded and/or donated.


Fall & Winter

(September 4, 2018 – April 26, 2019)
Full Locker $40 + HST
Half Lockers $25 + HST

Fall Only

(September 4, 2018 – December 21, 2018)
Full Locker $25 + HST
Half Lockers $15 + HST

Winter Only

(January 7, 2019 – April 26, 2019)
Full Locker $25 + HST
Half Lockers $15 + HST

Summer Only

(Until August 16, 2019)
Full Locker $25 + HST
Half Lockers $15 + HST


SCSU Locker Rental Terms

Lockers are issued with an SCSU lock. SCSU lock and combo must be used. Personal locks cannot be used on the lockers. If you need instructions and/or assistance in using our locks, please visit us at our office (SL-108, open weekdays).

Please adhere to the Locker Rental Dates, any items found in the lockers after your rental end date will be discarded. SCSU will not be held responsible for any locker items left behind after the rental term end date. No exchange and refunds for lockers.

SCSU will make an effort to remind students when lockers must be cleared out. Please follow us through social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to stay up-to-date.