International Student Identity Card


International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) provides discounts to students from airfare to movie rentals. This IS NOT a card only for international students, all SCSU members are eligible for these discounts.

To pick up your ISIC, come to the SCSU Office; we can have your card printed in-house!

How Can I Receive an ISIC Card?

To receive an ISIC card, students must:

  • Be a full time student
  • Bring their T-Card to the SCSU office (SL 108)
  • Fill out an ISIC form and have their picture taken in the office

What Discounts Can I Receive with an ISIC Card?

This is the only international student discount card, there are 125,000 ISIC discount locations across almost 130 countries. To find all the local discounts in Toronto and to see if there is discounts where you a traveling take a look at the ISIC website. Some student favourites are:

  • 15% off Porter flights with Travel Cuts
  • 40% off printing at FedEx Kinko’s
  • 25% off Greyhound fares
  • $20 off every $100 you spend at Sleep Country

For a full list of available discounts, please refer to