In 2014, the University of Toronto Administration struck a Committee to address sexual violence at the University of Toronto. In February of 2016, this Committee released its Final Report. This Report was followed by the release of the President and Provost’s Response to the Final Report on April 5, 2016 confirming its principles and recommendations.The Final Report does not recognize the realities of marginalized students, demonstrates a lack of a broad-based and comprehensive approach to addressing sexual and gender-based violence, and does not include a concrete plan of action for tackling sexual and gender-based violence at the University.

We call on the University of Toronto Administration to create a community-based working group on the creation, implementation, and ongoing review of the University’s sexual violence policy and resources for survivors of sexual violence. This working group must include representatives from a variety of student-led organizations and must strive to meaningfully represent and engage with marginalized students.

We welcome all members of the UofT community and campus groups and organizations to join us in calling for a collective response to sexual violence by signing the following letter:

Open Letter on Response to Sexual Violence

Add your name/Club/DSA to this link.

If your campus group or organization wants to become a signatory, please send us an email:

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