• Lockers

    ATTENTION: SCSU LOCKER USERS! This is an early reminder that your locker contents must be cleared by Saturday, April 26, 2014. Please make necessary arrangements to clear contents by this date. The SCSU will not be responsible for any locker contents left behind after this date. For more information visit or contact the SCSU office.

  • Executive Team 2013-2014

    This is YOUR student union, we have achieved many victories throughout the years and there is still work to be done. There is strength in numbers and we as students must come together to fight to ensure our voice is heard! Your SCSU Executive Team.

  • TTC

    With the municipal government planning to raise fares every year, and continuing to make cuts to services, it is time again for students to mobilize to defend out public transit and fight for more affordable accessible transit. You can buy TTC Metropasses, Tokens at the SCSU Office. Stay updated for availability to avoid disappointment.

  • Apparel

    We are proud to offer only sweatshop free merchandise on campus. Stay tuned for membership appreciation days. Merchandise available at the SCSU office for sale. Get your today. *Quantities and sizes limited.

  • Rex’s Den

    “Come chill at Rex’s Den”. Rex’s Den is your student pub providing you great food and great atmosphere to wind down. We have daily specials and great staff to make your dine-in experience a memorable one. Come on down & hang out with Rex!

  • Follow Us & Stay Updated!

    We look forward in hearing and staying connected with you. Please stay updated and post a photo, message or tweet on our social media outlets. Our social media links are located on the top-right of this page. We work for you. 1 Love UTSC!


The SCSU offers many services to students. Please visit our services page and feel free to contact us at your convenience.


We host many campaigns throughout the school year. We make sure your voice is heard. Visit our campaigns page to find out more details.


SCSU hosts many events throughout the school year.Click here to find out more. 1 Love UTSC.

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Clubs Training

SCSU hosts multiple clubs training sessions throughout the year to ensure UTSC student groups are equipped with the proper information to have a productive and fun year. Clubs training is necessary...

Events Commission

Join the Events Commission today! We meet last Wednesdays of every month. *Stay updated for any date or room changes. Dates for the upcoming year in SL 232: January 28...

Campaigns & Equity Commission

Take Action! We meet on the last Monday of every month and the Commission is open to all members of the SCSU. *Stay updated for any date or room changes....

Hikes Stop Here

Join the fight across the province and a united called to Government that The Hikes Stop Here!

Know Your Student Rights!

Click here to find out more details about YOUR Rights as a student.