TTC Products

For commuter students attending UTSC, public transit is an essential means of getting to class in a timely manner. In recent years, however, the cost of using public transit within the City of Toronto has spiraled upward due to declining provincial and federal government funding, and rising systems maintenance costs. In an effort to ease the financial strain on its student members, the SCSU in collaboration with other local student organizations has successfully lobbied the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to offer a reduced monthly transit rate. The Scarborough Campus Students’ Union is pleased to announce that TTC Adult Metropasses and Post- Secondary monthly Metro passes are available for purchase for all UTSC students at SCSU office SL108  by 3rd week of every month at a discounted price.

Adult Metropass Cost: $131.75*

  • Student T card to be produced to purchase Adult metro pass
  • Only Debit cards accepted for payment and once purchased, no refunds allowed
  • Prices fluctuate from month-to-month, based on demand

Post-Secondary Student Metropass Cost:  $116.75*

  • Student T card to be produced to purchase Post-Secondary Metropass
  • Only Debit cards accepted for payment and once purchased, NO REFUNDS
  • TTC Post -Secondary Metropasses are also available for purchase at any of the TTC Subway stations for the same price of $ 112.00

Day Pass: $12.50*

10 Tokens: $30.00*

5 Tokens: $15.00*


Eligibility to use TTC Post-Secondary Student Metropass

  • Students must show their Post- Secondary Student TTC Photo ID along with their Post-Secondary Student Metropass to the TTC Operator/Collector every time they use the TTC service
  • Students should be enrolled in a full-time degree or diploma program in a recognized Post-Secondary institution located within the City of Toronto (a recognized Post-Secondary institution complies with the Post- Secondary Education Choice and Excellence Act, 2000)

Getting a Post-Secondary Student TTC Photo ID – Visit TTC Site

  • TTC Photo ID.card can be obtained at the Sherbourne Subway Station, 420 Bloor St. E, Toronto, Ontario at a cost of $5.25 (cash only) and it’s valid for one school year. The current 2011-2012  photo IDs are valid until October 31, 2012
  • To be photographed at this facility Post-Secondary Students must produce  their acceptance/enrollment letter or current timetable from their Post-Secondary institution confirming  that they are an eligible Post-Secondary Student, plus a piece of photo Identification (e.g. Student T Card

Note:  You may wish to keep your Metropasses and receipts as proof of purchase in order to claim these expenses for tax savings. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is responsible for taxation details.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact the SCSU office for more information