Petitions and Appeal FAQ

At the SCSU, we aim to protect and support all UTSC students to uphold the rights set out by the University. While the University can be a fun and rewarding experience, we recognize that it can also be a challenging time full of uncertainty and change. Students are expected to learn a large code of conduct, and to navigate a complex network of academic work, school policy, faculty-student relationships and administrative situations. When tough situations arise such as academic appeals or petitions, it is easy to feel lost in this vast network. That’s where your students’ union is here to support.


What is an appeal?

An appeal is submitted when you disagree with the decision of your petition. It can also appeal an academic sanction (offense) that has been given.

An appeal follows these tiers:

  1. Tier 1: Registrar’s Office: Your petition is reviewed and is either granted or refused. You now have the ability to appeal this decision and will be reviewed by the following committees in this order:
  2. Tier 2: Appeal by the Dean’s Advisory Committee: You must submit your appeal no later than 90 days after the petition has been denied by the Registrar’s Office. You would need to go to the Registrar’s Office to fill out the Request for Review of Petition Decision You will be notified on eService to when your appeal will be heard and that decision has been made.
  3. Tier 3: The Subcommittee on Academic Appeals: If your petition is denied at Tier 2, it will then be reviewed by this committee. Again you have 90 days to submit your appeal. This is where you can file a Notice of Appeal which you can find in the Office of the Campus Council (BV504/502)
  4. Final Tier: Academic Appeals Committee of Governing Council: This is the final level of review. This is the most formal level chaired with someone with legal expertise. You may receive legal counsel at this level, not mandatory. You have 90 days to submit this appeal, you can do this through filing a Notice of Appeal form to the Director or Coordinator of Appeals Committee

What is a petition?

A petition is a formal request made to the University in order to be exempted from an academic rule or policy. When you file a petition with the University they must keep your information in the strictest confidence. (This is also the first Tier of the Registar’s Office)

What can be petitioned?

  • Course Registration Errors: In the case where you have made an honest mistake or the University has made an error in course enrollment/registration (If dropped a course by mistake, visit the Registrar’s Office immediately).
  • Deferred Exams: You must petition on eService within 72 hours of the missed exam. They will only be considered in the case of illness or an extreme emergency. When submitting a petition to defer an exam, you will have to take a reduced course load in the next semester.
  • Withdrawal from a Course: Unforeseen circumstances arise that require you to drop a course after the academic deadline.
  • Remarking/Rereads: If you believe that you were not graded fairly in an assignment or final exam you can petition to reread.
  • Deferring Academic Suspension: You are able to defer academic suspension if you have experienced circumstances that affected your academic performance such as a family emergency, caregiver duties, or a medical matter. 
  • What cannot be petitioned?

    • Fee refunds
    • Most term work
    • Late enrollment in a course after the published deadline
    • Exams missed due to minor illnesses
    • Matters involving the conduct of an instructor, grading practices, and course organization should be dealt with the relevant academic department
  • What can be appealed?

    An academic sanction or a petition decision that you are displeased with.

    Is there a deadline to submit an appeal?

    Yes. You have 90 days to submit a petition or, alternatively, 90 days for an appeal from the day you received your sanction.

    What is appropriate documentation?

    You have 10 business days from the date that you submit your petition to the Registar’s Office to submit additional documentation besides the petition form. Additional support documents include:

    • Verification of Student Illness or Injury Form
      • You can also get this note from AccessAbility services at UTSC, so there may be no need to get a Verification of Illness (VOI)
    • A death certificate or funeral notice
    • A police accident report
    • Travel ticket or itinerary
    • A letter from employer

    The original form must be submitted, but we strongly encourage you to keep a photocopy.

    Can I review the information in my file?

    Yes. You are allowed to review the information in your file at any time.

    Where do I hand in my petition or appeal?


    • Log in to eService
    • Select “Submit New Petition” from the Petitions menu
    • You will then receive a petition reference number
    • Submit supporting documentation to the Registrar’s Office within 10 Business days from the day you submitted the petition with your reference number on the upper right hand corner. Documents must be in their original form.


    • The steps for appeal submissions are situational-based, and will be sent to you through the Academic Integrity Office via email.

    *Please note that submissions must be made to their home campuses regardless of where the course is being offered.

    What can I do if my petition or appeal is denied?

    If your appeal is denied you can submit an appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee of Governing Council; Judicial Affairs Office no later than 90 days.

    How can the SCSU support me?

    • Advice regarding how to go forward with your petition based on where you stand
    • Representation at the final appeals level the student can request for the VP of Academics and University Affairs of the SCSU to represent them in place of a lawyer
    • Aid in petition writing: We can review your application to find any points where you can strengthen your case.
  • When I get help from the SCSU is it confidential?

    Absolutely. Your academic petition/appeal is confidential between yourself and the VP of Academics and University Affairs, unless otherwise agreed upon.

    To receive these supports please book an appointment with the VP of Academics and University Affairs at with any supporting documents. This is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please remember to photocopy everything you are submitting.

    Other Supports: