Departmental Students Association (DSA)

DSA Funding

Please fill out the DSA Funding Form here

DSA Funding Deadline Dates (TBA)

  • Round 1: Application deadline TBA
  • Round 2: Application deadline TBA
  • Round 3: Application deadline TBA
  • Round 4: Application deadline TBA

What SCSU does for DSAs?

Room Bookings
Create a profile online Profile receives approval Book rooms online Automatically goes through Come in to pick up your key No more than 9 hours of rooms per week Weekends and evening bookings require $20 deposit.

Table Bookings
Use same club profile as room booking system.

Tabling with Food
Food needs to be from a University-approved list of vendors who are known to have the required health & safety certifications Home-made food is not permitted for sale at SCSU tables Cannot sell or give away food that is offered by any vendors inside the student centre.

Post 20 regular size (8 ½” x 11”) or 10 large size posters FREE Bring copies of your poster to SCSU office Postings go up same day. Maximum is within 24 hours For detailed guidelines refer to “SCSU Postering Policy”.

Each club – 200 credits 1 credit per black & white page 5 credits per coloured page.

AV Equipment
All AV equipment in rooms are included when booking rooms Portable microphones and TV displays can be booked for use in other locations inside the Student Centre.

Rex’s Den Space
Rex’s Den Lounge Equipped with AV Stage, Karaoke, performances, ceremonies.

Rex’s Den Lab
Group meetings Casual/ formal lunches & dinners Rex’s provides catering services with halal & vegetarian options $50 minimum Contact: General Manager.