letsgogreen_infographic_ Let's Go Green is a campaign dedicated to making UTSC a greener campus. The SCSU prints most documents on 100% post consumer waste, FSC certified paper and most documents are printed double-sided. We encourage faculty and administration to use greener solutions such as double-sided printing and usage of post consumer waste, FSC certified paper.



At the SCSU Annual General Meeting 2013, an overwhelming majority of students voted in favor of the following motion:

WHEREAS the destruction of natural resources is happening at an uncontrollable rate due to anthropogenic forces; and

WHEREAS forests and trees, a crucial resource in the production of paper products, are being eradicated at an alarming rate; and

WHEREAS the University of Toronto excessively prints and uses paper for a variety of reasons, and because it is the responsibility of this University to ensure that sustainable practices are embedded into its policies; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union, lobby the University of Toronto administration to change all printer settings to have double-sided printing set as the default setting; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union, lobby the University of Toronto administration and faculty to utilize post-consumer waste recycled paper where possible.

Since then the SCSU has been working with administration and faculty to make this initiative possible!



Tips to go Green

  • • Reduce overall printing. Go digital where you can
  • • Print-double sided
  • • Buy used books or Rent books
  • • Use paper with recycled paper content
  • • Use waste paper bins for scrap paper

Get your Profs to go GREEN

The Green Courses program recognizes courses where steps have been taken to reduce the use of paper. (e.g. by accepting double-sided assignments). Tips and tools for course paper conservation can be found here.

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UTSC is Bottled Water Free

As of September 2011, the University of Toronto is bottled water free. This means that there is no sale or distribution of bottled water, except at special events where
bottled water is the only source of hydration. In addition, the University of Toronto is increasing and updating sources of public water on all three campuses.

The Process

The University of Toronto has implemented a five step process over three years to end the sale of bottled water, update existing infrastructure, add new water stations, improve signage, and educate the University community about switching to public water.

Goal 1: Phase out the sale of bottled water in all food and retail outlets over a three year period beginning in September 2011.
Goal 2:
Invest in the installation of public water sources, which could include new or upgraded water fountains, and ensure that locations of public water sources are known.
Goal 3:
Ensure that design standards for new buildings and major renovations include public water sources.
Goal 4:
Eliminate the use of bottled water by academic and administrative departments for meetings and events on a voluntary basis.
Goal 5:
Invest in and support education and outreach activities.

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SCSU T-shirts are Sweatshop Free

Sweatshop-free refers to means coercion-free, fair-compensation for the garment workers who manufacture their products. It has
been heavily featured in the company's advertisements for nearly a decade and become a common term in the garment industry.
1LOVEUTSC-Black on White

Tips to go Sweatshop Free

Look for the Label – Though the number of companies making sweatshop-free and fair trade clothes are few, that number is slowly growing as more citizens demand more ethical options. Here are a few sources to search:

• The AFL-CIO has a database of union companies, searchable by category and keyword. Unfortunately there often aren’t many choices available, especially for products like clothing.
• The Fair Trade Federation offers an online guide for finding fair-trade products.
• Global Exchange has an online store with a variety of fair trade products, including a few clothes.
• Green America’s National Green Pages lists companies striving to offer more just & sustainable products.
• Sweatshop free Communities offers a Shop with a Conscience Consumer’s Guide that lists products made under sweatshop-free conditions. Again, the choices are limited.


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