Xpression Against Oppression

Xpression Against Oppression is a campaign aimed at providing various platforms for marginalized people to speak to their identities and experiences. Resistance looks different based on the multitude of intersecting identities that exist.  For this reason, there were diverse spaces created through events and programming for the 2015-2016 school year, which speak to those means. There had been an open mic night, a panel discussion on police brutality, a self-defence class for womyn and trans* folks, an open forum on islamophobia, the trans* inclusive vagina monologues, as well as the Black History Month Conference.  All of these spaces were platforms which led to a medium of publication in which students and the community could engage in arts-based means of resisting systems of oppression.


Click the Image to view the XAO 2016 Zine!

Please feel free to read through our online XAO Zine Publication. A limited number of physical copies can be found at the SCSU Office! If you would like to submit something to next years’ XAO Zine, contact equity@scsu.ca