UTSC Governance

Campus Council

Effective July 1, 2013, the UTSC Campus Council replaces the former Council of the UTSC. The Campus Councils are governance bodies that have been established by and report to the Governing Council and are comparable to Boards of the Governing Council. They comprise representatives of the five estates – administrative staff, alumni, government appointees, students and teaching staff – with both governor and non-governor members. On behalf of the Governing Council, the Campus Councils exercise governance oversight of campus-specific matters, as well as matters assigned to them by the Governing Council from time to time.

The SCSU is committed to ensuring that student voices are being heard. We will be attending every meeting and putting issues that are important to students on the agenda at Campus Council. We will also work closely with student representatives to make sure all student concerns are raised at the appropriate committees.

More information about Campus Council can be found here: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~governance/

Governing Council

The Governing Council, established by the University of Toronto Act, 1971, oversees the academic, business and student affairs of the University. It is composed of 50 members – 25 members from within the internal University community, including administrative staff, teaching staff and students, and 25 members external to the University, including alumni and Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council appointees.

The SCSU is committed to attending all meetings and making sure the student voice is represented. We also work in collaboration with our sister unions to tackle tri-campus governance issues. The Union will also work with the student governors on Governing Council to ensure that issues of importance to UTSC students are represented.

More information about Governing Council can be found here:


Other UTSC Committees and Governing Bodies

  • Student Space Committee
  • Study space Committee
  • Risk Assessment (all events that are held on campus)
  • Academic Committees
    • Academic Administrators Roundtable
    • Chairs Committee
    • Course Evaluation Framework Advisory & Implementation Committee
  • IITS advisory committee
  • Food user Committee
  • Positive Space Committee
  • Parking Committee
  • Advisory committee on Campus safety and security
  • Advisory Committee on Physical Accessibility
  • Library Advisory
  • Sub-committee on curriculums and programs
  • Student Services
  • Sit on hiring committees
  • Regular meetings with UTSC Executive Committee & University Administration including
    • VP Research
    • Dean of Student Affairs
    • Dean of Academics & Vice-Principal
    • CAO (SPACE)
    • Director of Student Life/ Athletics/ AccessAbility/ Academic Advising & Career Centre/ Residence
    • Equity Offices (Sexual Gender and Diversity Office & Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office)
    • Retail & Conference Services (other Food Service on Campus)
    • Campus Police & Security
    • Department Chairs