Academic Advocacy


Can’t get into your courses? Keep getting wait listed? Battling with ROSI during course selection time? Fill out the survey and help us open up classes!


Can’t seem to find a space to eat or study? Library too noisy? Couches too crowded? Fill out the survey and help us advocate for more space!


At the SCSU, we aim to protect and support all UTSC students to uphold the rights set out by the University. While the University can be a fun and rewarding experience, we recognize that it can also be a challenging time full of uncertainty and change. Students are expected to learn a large code of conduct, and to navigate a complex network of academic work, school policy, faculty-student relationships and administrative situations. That’s where your student union can support you. Click HERE for an FAQ on petitions and appeals!


The SCSU is committed to educating students about their rights both inside and outside the classroom. This campaign aims to give students the tools to challenge any violation of rights and empower students to act as their own advocates. The office of the Vice-President Academics & University Affairs is committed to supporting students through the Know Your Rights campaign. Know Your Rights!

Check out this Know Your Rights Guide by Canadian Intern Association.