SCSU Free Book Network

Have a textbook collecting dust in your room? Unable to resell your books? Given the high cost of post-secondary education, The Free Book Network aims to give students FREE access to previously owned textbooks. We offer texts from every academic department and every program.


  • Government funding for post-secondary education makes up less than half of our ‘public’ college and university institutions’ operating revenues, falling from 82.7 percent in 1982 to 48.9% in 2013-2014 (Statistics Canada).
  • Through the SCSU Book Network, we have over 700 textbooks currently in stock, including 300+ Life Science, 100+ Management, and 200+ Humanities books.
  • Due to student advocacy, the province and eCampus Ontario released an Open Textbook Library in June 2017, an online platform that will give students access to free educational resources like textbooks and other course materials. To find it, click here!


Please Note: the SCSU Free Book Network is on hiatus until further notice. When the centre is closed, you’re welcome to donate old books directly to the SCSU Office.

FIRST YEARS RECEIVE A FREE BOOK WHEN SIGN UP! (Since you don’t have any textbooks to give in as of yet, it’s our way of helping you out!)

If you have any questions about the Free Book Network, you are welcome to contact