1 survey for A. Mason

NROC34H: Neuroethology
Instructor: Mason, A. Course Enrollment: 46
Session: Summer 2008 Section: L01 Percent Response: 58.7%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 04415418195.13
Evaluations 00845215125.21
Organization 000123430155.54
Explanations 04842338155.42
Enthusiasm 000123812305.67
Teaching 00804123195.50
Workload 00030302645.04
Difficulty 000122330265.79
Value 080231919124.95
Retake Yes: 45.8%   No: 54.2%
calendar, timetable Comments
Overall, Professor Mason was able to deliver the lectures in an easy and understandable manner despite the difficult course material. Students felt that he had great enthusiasm for the course material, but showed little enthusiasm when teaching and often sounded monotone. A few students suggested that the course should include a tutorial, improved marking scheme and more information should be provided on lecture slides. However, he marked fairly and was good with office hours.

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