1 survey for L. Cruikshank

WSTB13H: Women and the Media
Instructor: Cruikshank, L. Course Enrollment: 98
Session: Fall 2006 Lecture: 30 Percent Response: 66.3%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 008182042125.32
Evaluations 008142737145.35
Organization 200172335235.58
Explanations 203112342205.58
Enthusiasm 202122637225.58
Teaching 205142335225.49
Workload 0236323824.37
Difficulty 2307115824.25
Value 22242322024.67
Retake Yes: 76.2%   No: 23.8%
calendar, timetable Comments
Dr. Cruikshank was described as an outstanding professor with a relaxed and casual teaching style. Some students suggested that the lectures cover novel material outside of readings and have more focus. Many noted the class discussions and student contributions during the lecture were unnecessary and irrelevant to course material; thus moderation of such discussions by the professor would be beneficial. A few students were not satisfied with the grading scheme for the assignments.

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