1 survey for A. Adah

ENGB03H: Critical Thinking about Narrative
Instructor: Adah, A. Course Enrollment: 46
Session: Summer 2006 Section: 1 Percent Response: 80.4%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 83844221134.14
Evaluations 832219281734.17
Organization 1151627271133.97
Explanations 386391717114.53
Enthusiasm 3311193814144.81
Teaching 110633331164.33
Workload 00039331984.97
Difficulty 00051271654.76
Value 330221917365.47
Retake Yes: 32.4%   No: 67.6%
calendar, timetable Comments
Most students found Professor Adah to be a very intelligent lecturer and appreciated the knowledge and enthusiasm he exuded for the course material. However, many felt that the class would have better benefited if they had received clearer instructions on the assignments and if the lectures were more organized. Some felt that the quiz would be fairer if it focused more on analysis and less on specific details.

What do the numbers mean?