2 surveys for PHLB09

PHLB09H: Biomedical Ethics
Instructor: Bader, D. Course Enrollment: 183
Session: Winter 2008 Section: L01 Percent Response: 59.6%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 21729242784.89
Evaluations 021122342384.89
Organization 46825232584.67
Explanations 242172728185.25
Enthusiasm 134122526265.48
Teaching 224142731175.31
Workload 0045727634.44
Difficulty 0025627664.55
Value 21932171474.60
Retake Yes: 63.0%   No: 37.0%
calendar, timetable Comments
Students found Professor Bader to be enthusiastic about the material he was teaching. Students recommended that he post lecture slides/notes to accompany the lecture material. Students found that the course material was not what was expected. Students also found that there was not enough time allocated for the midterm examination, and that his expectations could have been better explained before hand.

PHLB09H: Biomedical Ethics
Instructor: Hawkins, J. Course Enrollment: 172
Session: Winter 2007 Section: 1 Percent Response: 61.1%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 001112545185.69
Evaluations 00182846175.71
Organization 10383036235.63
Explanations 00142444275.93
Enthusiasm 00181747275.92
Teaching 00072145275.93
Workload 0036728204.29
Difficulty 0126821804.33
Value 015193327155.24
Retake Yes: 91.9%   No: 8.1%
calendar, timetable Comments
A large number of students seemed to enjoy this class, thanks to Professor Hawkins' knowledge and enthusiasm. The lectures were singled out as a high point of the class and many said that while they were not philosophy majors, they found it to be a valuable introduction to philosophy. The only concerns raised were that the reading could be a bit heavy at times and that it would have helped to provide notes before class.

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