3 surveys for MGTC24

MGTC24H: Managerial Skills
Instructor: Craib, G. Course Enrollment: 21
Session: Fall 2008 Section: L03 Percent Response: 123.8%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 241631274002.73
Evaluations 2016241224803.27
Organization 16201216241203.48
Explanations 20843920843.69
Enthusiasm 168431241284.04
Teaching 2412272016403.04
Workload 000122431315.84
Difficulty 004392420124.96
Value 121220274403.15
Retake Yes: 32.0%   No: 68.0%
calendar, timetable Comments
Some students appreciated that Professor Craib gave students the opportunity to display their presentation and cooperative skills via assignments. They also thought that his weekly readings and responses were an effective way to apply concepts. However, some students believed that there was an above-average amount of workload assigned to the class in relation to other C-level classes. Some students suggested that he deal with problems with students in private.

MGTC24H: Managerial Skills
Instructor: Craib, G. Course Enrollment: 27
Session: Fall 2008 Section: L04 Percent Response: 55.6%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 3414142014002.64
Evaluations 203472014002.71
Organization 2027141420002.86
Explanations 1420202020003.14
Enthusiasm 0141427201404.08
Teaching 144071414702.93
Workload 000402720145.07
Difficulty 00747201474.64
Value 141427714703.17
Retake Yes: 23.0%   No: 77.0%
calendar, timetable Comments
Although students appreciated Professor Craib’s lecturing, they believed that he could improve certain aspects of his teaching style, specifically his clarity with regards to his expectations for both the assignments and the overall course. Unfortunately, some students believed that some of the exercises assigned had little value, particularly because they did not have any relevancy to the exam. One other suggestion students had for Professor Craib was to come better prepared for lectures by preparing more organized lecture slides.

MGTC24H: Managerial Skills
Instructor: Bagnall, B. Course Enrollment: 37
Session: Summer 2007 Section: 1 Percent Response: 83.8%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 071723262344.53
Evaluations 013723302344.53
Organization 071736231344.30
Explanations 042026301744.47
Enthusiasm 074331723174.97
Teaching 041733232044.50
Workload 044362026104.93
Difficulty 04234617744.10
Value 710173310743.73
Retake Yes: 36.7%   No: 63.3%
calendar, timetable Comments
Some students felt that this course could have been better organized. Moreover, many felt that an excessive amount of homework was assigned in this course, much of which was unbeneficial.

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