1 survey for HISD37

HISD37H: History and Media in the United States
Instructor: Blake, A. Course Enrollment: 11
Session: Winter 2003 Section: 1 Percent Response: 54.5%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 001633033164.90
Evaluations 000161650165.56
Organization 00005033165.60
Explanations 0000831605.11
Enthusiasm 00005033165.60
Teaching 00005033165.60
Workload 00050331604.61
Difficulty 0008301604.28
Value 00066160164.56
Retake Yes: 83.0%   No: 16.0%
calendar, timetable Comments
Students found the web page creation aspect of the course is rather difficult and quite time consuming. This being the case, students suggest that perhaps a more detailed and in-depth explanation of this part of the course would allow students to put more of their efforts into the creative side of things. Students did enjoy learning about history through modern methods.

What do the numbers mean?