1 survey for ENGB64

ENGB64H: Native North American Literature
Instructor: Wyatt, K.C. Course Enrollment: 48
Session: Summer 2008 Section: L30 Percent Response: 27.1%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 00016847315.92
Evaluations 00882439245.62
Organization 008163124245.38
Explanations 00031824315.58
Enthusiasm 0008847396.15
Teaching 00881631395.85
Workload 000393116165.08
Difficulty 0005431884.69
Value 0808839165.50
Retake Yes: 92.3%   No: 7.7%
calendar, timetable Comments
Overall, students thought Professor Wyatt was a passionate and engaging instructor. They enjoyed the course but thought that there were too many books that needed to be read for a B-level course. Meeting two of the authors they had studied was a memorable experience for students.

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