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BGYB32H: Animal Physiology Laboratory
Instructor: Reid, S. Course Enrollment: 65
Session: Summer 2008 Section: L01 Percent Response: 44.6%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 00411324575.43
Evaluations 004214914115.07
Organization 00018353875.36
Explanations 040114232115.32
Enthusiasm 404214214145.00
Teaching 00742552115.57
Workload 000283525115.18
Difficulty 00032352845.04
Value 00443818145.45
Retake Yes: 57.7%   No: 42.3%
calendar, timetable Comments
Students were overall satisfied with Professor Reid's teaching methods, and found his notes and colourful figures helpful in understanding concepts. However, although students found the labs interesting, students felt that the labs should be explained in further detail. In particular, the lab report guidelines were unclear, and as a result students found the evaluation of the reports unfair.

BGYB32H: Animal Physiology Laboratory
Instructor: Forder, J. Course Enrollment: 228
Session: Winter 2008 Section: L01 Percent Response: 60.5%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 20371731385.94
Evaluations 00381830385.97
Organization 33262229355.79
Explanations 12381532385.92
Enthusiasm 00021024616.51
Teaching 02351730416.03
Workload 001262726195.36
Difficulty 00350281164.65
Value 122232224175.27
Retake Yes: 71.0%   No: 29.0%
calendar, timetable Comments
Many students have found the course to be enjoyable. Professor Forder was described to be an excellent teacher who is enthusiastic. Her style of teaching has made the lectures entertaining and effective. Students have also found the course workload to be overwhelming. Many students felt that the lectures should be longer. They also felt that course's marking scheme requires some improvements.

BGYB32H: Animal Physiology Laboratory
Instructor: Forder, J. Course Enrollment: 43
Session: Winter 2008 Section: L60 Percent Response: 58.1%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 08401620405.77
Evaluations 00842024325.77
Organization 00481629295.81
Explanations 40441216485.95
Enthusiasm 000848686.55
Teaching 00002412526.32
Workload 000401220165.14
Difficulty 0046012844.41
Value 404201220245.29
Retake Yes: 76.0%   No: 24.0%
calendar, timetable Comments
Students found Professor Forder to be an enthusiastic instructor. Her use of examples was proven to be very useful in enhancing student's understanding to the course material. Students found the work load and the content of the assignment made it difficult. They were also not satisfied with the marking scheme of the lab reports.

BGYB32H: Animal Physiology Laboratory
Instructor: Giri, T. Course Enrollment: 92
Session: Winter 2005 Section: 1 Percent Response: 53.3%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 00426333075.09
Evaluations 0047463595.37
Organization 00413304595.40
Explanations 00403838195.68
Enthusiasm 00017324395.43
Teaching 00473343135.54
Workload 02557241204.38
Difficulty 00105526724.38
Value 001554151254.39
Retake Yes: 73.0%   No: 27.0%
calendar, timetable Comments
Students appreciated Professor Giri's style of teaching and the way he communicated concepts clearly. The drawings that he made on the black board were of tremendous help. However, they felt that there was an obvious lack of communication between the Teaching Assistants and the professor. The lab manual was too vague and was in need of revision. Students also preferred to see a marking scheme for formal lab reports and equipment that works in the lab. Students also would appreciate if the full 50 minutes of lecture time was used up.

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