1 survey for ANTC14

ANTC14H: Feminism and Anthropology
Instructor: Bamford, S. Course Enrollment: 72
Session: Winter 2008 Section: L01 Percent Response: 56.9%
Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mean
Communicates 00031852306.07
Evaluations 000102547205.76
Organization 00081337446.17
Explanations 00051547356.10
Enthusiasm 00052227476.15
Teaching 00051842376.10
Workload 000611810134.73
Difficulty 0006922534.40
Value 000181822155.48
Retake Yes: 84.0%   No: 16.0%
calendar, timetable Comments
Professor Bamford was described as enthusiastic and inspiring, showing a dedication to helping students understand material. The course material was enjoyed by students, with the discussions and readings found to be thought- provoking. There was some concern, however, over the number of readings assigned and the marking scheme for assignments.

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