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A Message from the SCSU President, Rob Wulkan

On behalf of the Scarborough Campus Studentsí Union, Iím pleased to present the 2006-2007 edition of the Anti-Calendar. This is one of the premiere and most heavily used services offered by the student union and it is published annually.

As co-editor in chief of both this and last yearís book Iím in a unique position to appreciate just how much hard work goes into it by not just its editors but the myriad of volunteers who are the life blood of any project of this magnitude and to them I say thank-you. To the faculty who read this book year after year, thank-you for your continued support of this project and if you donít already consent to be published, please think about it. It may seem intimidating but more often than not the Anti-Calendar will actually push a student towards a course that they may not have otherwise taken rather than the other way around.

To the student body who use this book, please take note of some of the other services that the SCSU offers you such as the selling of discounted Metropasses and discounted movie tickets, the health and dental plan, our book bursary and dollars for daycare grant and many more. Check out our website at for a full listing of whatís offered to you.

If you like the book and think it might be something youíre interested in helping out with, please get in contact with our VP Academics. Or if thatís not for you, the SCSU offers many opportunities for volunteerism and involvement. Perhaps consider joining up with the Volunteer Network Program (VNP) that the SCSU runs, or get involved with the governance of your union through a standing committee. The opportunities for involvement are as broad and diverse as the population of the campus itself, there really is something for everybody.

As a parting note, Iíd like to stress that the SCSU isnít just a place that brings new initiatives to you (though thatís certainly something we do). The student union is a place for mutual empowerment, a place for ideas to be brought in and cultivated into something thatís real and accessible. The Anti-Calendar you are now reading, like everything else that the student union provides, started off by one person saying ďWouldnít it be cool ifÖĒ, you take it from there.

Rob Wulkan
President & CEO, Scarborough Campus Studentsí Union (SCSU)

Many Thanks – from the Editor

Producing the Anti-Calendar has been a tedious but extremely rewarding experience! When I first took office on May 15th, I thought it would take a miracle to finish the book, but it was made possible only because of the dedication of a small group of individuals.

Many thanks go out to all volunteers who spent their time either requesting professors for their consent or writing comments. The online Anti-Calendar would not have been successfully posted a week ahead of course selections without the technical help of our fantastic Anti-Calendar Production Analyst, Chris Lui. Chris went beyond expectations by creating a very user-friendly online Anti-Calendar database. As a result, you can browse by course, year, discipline or even by the name of instructor!

The Anti-Calendar itself is an important bridge between faculty and students. Not only is it an extremely useful academic resource, but it is also an opportunity for students to critique faculty in a legitimate manner thatís taken seriously. Further, itís an opportunity for students to communicate with each other on a mass scale and to participate in an in depth and meaningful way in the academic process. Itís a project championed by students. However, it would certainly be a lot more difficult, without the eager assistance of the staff at Teaching and Learning Services, Information and Instructional Technology Services and the many Departmental offices. Their active cooperation has truly been a key in making the Anti-Calendar project flourish over the years, and in making it one of leading books of its kind.

In this issue, we had 230 instructors participate. I would like to thank each and every one of them for having faith in the SCSU and believing in the value of such a project. This trust that the faculty has in us would not have been possible without the efforts of my predecessors Rob Wulkan and Jeff Rybak on the Anti-Calendar. Thank you.

I am also very grateful to my fellow Executives, Board of Directors and colleagues in the SCSU Office for all your assistance and support with various facets of the Anti-Calendar.

Finally, my deepest gratitude goes to the student body for putting your faith in my abilities and giving me the honour of producing this book by electing me to the position of Vice-President Academics.

Jemy Joseph
Anti-Calendar Editor & Vice-President Academics, SCSU

Scarborough Campus Studentsí Union Awards

The SCSU awards were initiated in the 2001-2002 year to recognize outstanding members of the University of Toronto Scarborough community. The winners are selected by the Board of Directors of the SCSU. The awards presentation takes place in the spring at the annual UTSC Formal, presented by the SCSU in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs.

Awarded to a student that has demonstrated leadership and enthusiasm through involvement in student interests, and who has actively contributed to the overall enjoyment of student life. The student has a strong sense of vision of what student life at UTSC should be and is working towards achieving the goals set out by that vision.
Chris Van Abbema

This award is presented to a person that has contributed greatly to the activities and initiatives of the SCSU.
Lynn Zhu

This award is presented to one or two club presidents who have demonstrated excellent leadership and involvement in the UTSC community.
Maple Chong, Life Sciences Students Union
Charrisa Jattan, University of Toronto Model United Nations

This award is in recognition of excellence in classroom instruction, curriculum development, innovative teaching methods, mentoring and a passion for teaching.
Dr. Stephen Reid

This award is in recognition of outstanding contribution to enhancing quality of student life and advocating on behalf of students at UTSC.
Lesley Mak
University of Toronto Scarborough Studentsí Union Prize

The University of Toronto Scarborough Studentsí Union Prize recognizes students in good academic standing entering their second, third, or fourth year who have made an outstanding contribution to the academic, social, or cultural life of the University of Toronto Scarborough. Recipients are presented the award at the annual UTSC Honours Night, taking place in fall. The award was established in 1979.

Bao Zhe
Leah Ko