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A Message from the SCSU President, Rajgumar Gunaratnam

On behalf of the Scarborough Campus Students' Union (SCSU), it is my pleasure to present to you the 2005-2006 Anti-Calendar. The Anti-Calendar is an invaluable academic resource published by the Students' Union.

This book is a result of dedication and countless hours that went into the production of the Anti-Calendar. I am quite amazed at how efficiently we were able to complete it this year, and I would like to commend the entire production team for their great work. Specially, I would like to commend the hard work of present and past VP academics Rob Wulkan and Jeff Rybak in compiling this invaluable resource.

Similar to this production, SCSU provides students many opportunities for participation and exploration. There are over one hundred student clubs at UTSC for you to pursue interests, meet new people, and enhance skills. The SCSU itself has an abundance of opportunities for involvement, from our Volunteer Network Program to the numerous standing committees under each Vice President's portfolio. We encourage each and every one of you to get involved and make the most out of your experience here at UTSC.

The SCSU plays a pivotal role in your education and student life. Our focus is to advocate for your needs, and provide services that will assist you in your undergraduate career. We also facilitate the social events and student interaction on campus including Orientation, the annual Mosaic Cultural Show, the Fashion Show, and the Spring Formal.

We advocate for students at UTSC and represent our best interests collectively. We offer quality services such as the Student Health and Dental Plan, this Anti-Calendar, the sale of discounted TTC Metropasses, and a range of other services that are offered in the Student Centre. Indeed, the SCSU works as a team to fulfill our mandate to advocate for you and advance the needs of all UTSC students.

On behalf of the SCSU I wish you the very best in the coming year, and good luck with your course selections!

Best wishes,

Rajgumar Gunaratnam
Scarborough Campus Students' Union (SCSU)

Many Thanks – from the Editor

Working on the Anti-Calendar has been an extremely rewarding experience and seeing it come to completion is a testament to what a small dedicated group of individuals can accomplish. Many thanks go out to all those volunteers who spent their time either chasing down professors for their consent or isolating themselves in front of piles of course evaluations writing comments. Many thanks also go out to my girlfriend Lisa who not only contributed but was able to put up with me as I isolated myself and became a hermit for weeks doing the same. With over 25% more content than last year I believe this edition of the Anti-Calendar speaks volumes about the work that went into this project. Also, many thanks go out to my production assistant Affan Khalid who provided excellent work on the technical side of things and who was willing to keep going back to the drawing board as many times as asked until things looked just right.

The Anti-Calendar itself is an important bridge between faculty and students. Not only is it an extremely useful academic resource, but it is also an opportunity for students to critique faculty in a legitimate manner that's taken seriously. Further, it's an opportunity for students to communicate with each other on a mass scale and to participate in an in depth and meaningful way in the academic process. It's a project championed by students however it would certainly be a lot more difficult if not impossible without the eager assistance of the staff at Teaching and Learning Services, Information and Instructional Technology Services and the many Departmental offices. The active cooperation of these offices has allowed the Anti-Calendar project to blossom over the years and become one of the leading books of its kind.

This year we have a record number of over 240 faculty participating and I expect it to go nowhere but up in the coming years. I would like to thank each and every one of them for placing their trust in the SCSU and believing in the value of such a project. This trust that the faculty place in us has been built up over many years and I would like to thank my forbearers Jeff Rybak, Dan Bandurka and Sundeep Singh for their efforts on the Anti-Calendar in years past.

Finally I would like to thank my colleagues, the Board of Directors and the student body as a whole for their continued faith in me and my abilities.

Rob Wulkan
Anti-Calendar Editor, and
Vice-President of Academics, SCSU

Scarborough Campus Students' Union Awards

The SCSU awards were initiated in the 2001-2002 year to recognize outstanding members of the University of Toronto Scarborough community. The winners are selected by the Board of Directors of the SCSU. The awards presentation takes place in the spring at the annual UTSC Formal, presented by the SCSU in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs.

Awarded to a student that has demonstrated leadership and enthusiasm through involvement in student interests, and who has actively contributed to the overall enjoyment of student life. The student has a strong sense of vision of what student life at UTSC should be and is working towards achieving the goals set out by that vision.
Melissa Cormier

This award is presented to a person that has contributed greatly to the activities and initiatives of the SCSU.
Lisa Endersby

This award is presented to one or two club presidents who have demonstrated excellent leadership and involvement in the UTSC community.
Matthew Chuk, Project A: The Anime Club
Claudette D'Souza, Brainwave

This award is in recognition of excellence in classroom instruction, curriculum development, innovative teaching methods, mentoring and a passion for teaching.
Allan Rosselet
Larry Sawchuk

This award is in recognition of outstanding contribution to enhancing quality of student life and advocating on behalf of students at UTSC.
Kelly-Anne Clements
Anthony Cook
University of Toronto Scarborough Students' Union Prize

The University of Toronto Scarborough Students' Union Prize recognizes students in good academic standing entering their second, third, or fourth year who have made an outstanding contribution to the academic, social, or cultural life of the University of Toronto Scarborough. Recipients are presented the award at the annual UTSC Honours Night, taking place in fall. The award was established in 1979.

Gillian Reiss
Preet Virdi

UTSC Teaching Awards

The UTSC Teaching Awards are adjudicated by UTSC Council and recognize excellence in classroom instruction, individual consultation, course design, curriculum development, and more. In short, all the skills and aptitudes that characterize an exceptional instructor. As the SCSU Anti-Calendar is designed to recognize success as well as critique, we are pleased to acknowledge the recipients of this prestigious and long-standing award.

Teresa Dawson, Geography
Michal Schonberg, Drama