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A message from the SCSU President, Lendyl D'Souza

On behalf of the Scarborough Campus Students' Union (SCSU), it is my pleasure to present to you the 2005-2006 Anti-Calendar. The Anti-Calendar is an invaluable academic resource published by your Student Union. It is a compilation of student evaluations and a summary of impressions from last year. It complements the UTSC Academic Calendar, and serves as a resource for the undergraduate student population at UTSC.

Over these past two years, I have had the pleasure to witness first hand the dedication and countless hours that goes into the production of the Anti-Calendar. I am quite amazed at how efficiently we were able to complete it this year, and I would like to commend the entire production team for their great work!

Similar to this production, there are many opportunities for students to volunteer and participate in. With over eighty different clubs, you can pursue your interests, build friendships, and enhance your skills. Additionally, the SCSU has many opportunities for you to take part in, such as the Volunteer Network Program (VNP), the Spirit Squad, and six different standing committees.

The SCSU plays a pivotal role in your education and student life. Our focus is to advocate for your needs, and provide services that will assist you in your undergraduate career. We also facilitate the social events and student interaction on campus including Orientation, the annual Mosaic Cultural Show, the Fashion Show, and the Spring Formal.

We advocate for students at UTSC and represent our best interests collectively. We offer quality services such as the Student Health and Dental Plan, this Anti-Calendar, the sale of discounted TTC Metropasses, and a range of other services that are offered in the Student Centre. Indeed, the SCSU works as a team to fulfill our mandate to advocate for you and advance the needs of all UTSC students.

I envision a challenging year ahead filled with significant growth in our operations, and I look forward to working with you to make this year a successful one of improved campus life, services and representation.

On behalf of the SCSU I wish you the very best in the coming year.
Good luck with your course selections!

Lendyl D'Souza
President & Chief Executive Officer
Scarborough Campus Students. Union

Many Thanks - from the Editor

The Anti-Calendar is a massive under-taking and would not be possible without the work and contributions of numerous individuals. It is my great pleasure to thank and acknowledge as many of them as possible.

Students who have volunteered their time for this project include: Amarjeet Chhabra, Samar Farah, Stien Haklev, Paul Hunter, Jemy Joseph, Jemcy Joy, Najila Joyian, Marc Kilchling, Helen Lee, Shaylea O.Brian, Belinda San, Arvid Shahmiry, Susie Vavrusa, and Preet Virdi. Thanks to them this is by far the biggest and most successful edition of the Anti-Calendar to date, with over 25% more content than last year. Thanks are also due to Daniel Stantic, our fabulously efficient assistant production manager, who has enabled this calendar to publish in record time.

The Anti-Calendar represents an important linkage between students and the faculty and administration of UTSC. It is not merely an academic resource or an opportunity to critique, though it is that, but also symbolic of the university.s mission which includes, as an important principle, the active participation of students in all aspects of the academic endeavor. I am very grateful for the willing and enthusiastic support we have received from Teaching and Learning Services, Computer and Networking Services, and the various Department offices. Their cooperation has been key to the great strides we have made towards improving this resource, and indeed making it one of the very best of its kind available anywhere.

This issue we publish, with their consent, the student evaluations of over 200 members of faculty. This considerable showing of faith and trust is a credit to the original architects of the current SCSU Anti-Calendar, Sundeep Singh and Dan Bandurka, and to the relationships built upon the foundation that they laid. It is also a credit to the professors and lecturers themselves, and indicative of their commitment to the student experience and quality of our institution, that they are willing to not only subject themselves to the review of their students but to make the results public. They are well-deserving of my thanks, and that of all students, for this gesture.

Thank you finally to my colleagues, and the current board of directors, for their continued faith in me.

Jeff Rybak
Anti-Calendar Editor, and
Vice-President of Academics, SCSU