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A message from the SCSU President, Adam Watson

It is with great pride that I offer you, on behalf of the Scarborough Campus Students' Union (SCSU), the Anti-Calendar as an invaluable academic resource. Whether you are a part of the University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC) community as a student, staff, faculty, or friend of the university, I am certain that you can appreciate the Anti-Calendar is a true compilation of student evaluations and a summary of impressions. The Anti-Calendar is intended to serve as a resource for the undergraduate student population at UTSC to complement the Academic Calendar and the multitude of student services offered here. I encourage you, as a student, to use the information contained in this book to make better-informed decisions in your course selections.

For all students at UTSC, both returning and new, this will be an exciting and eventful year. With our growth we welcome enhanced services for students, faculty, and staff. Unforeseen opportunities will emerge and ongoing challenges will test our limits as we open the new Student Centre as well as prepare for the opening of three other new buildings in the near future: the Management Building, the Arts and Administration Building, and new student residences.

UTSC is truly a remarkable campus within the University of Toronto, the greatest post-secondary institution in Canada, and among the best public institutions in the world. As students, we are privileged to study and socialize with a wealth of accomplished and recognized faculty, staff, and fellow students. We are the future leaders of Canada and the world, and as such it is a privilege to represent you. Together we form a unique community, distinguishing UTSC among the best international institutions.

The Scarborough Campus Students Union is a fundamental part of your education and student life at UTSC. We facilitate social events and student interaction on campus including Orientation, the annual Mosaic Cultural Show, Fashion Show, and Spring Formal, among others. We advocate for students at UTSC and represent your best interests collectively. We offer quality services such as the Student Health and Dental Plan, this Anti-Calendar, the sale of discounted TTC Metropasses, and a range of new services that will be offered in the new Student Centre. Indeed, the students union works as a team to fulfill our mandate to advocate for you and advance the needs of UTSC students.

I, as President of SCSU, get the opportunity to see first hand the countless number of hours that go into producing the Anti-Calendar and it provides me with yet another opportunity to assure you that SCSU's mandate is to provide quality services that fulfill student needs. It is my hope that you will find this resource useful and helpful and wish you the best throughout next year.

On behalf of the Scarborough Campus Students Union, I wish you a great year.

Yours Truly,
Adam Watson
President, SCSU

A Grateful Message from the Editor

The Anti-Calendar is a massive under-taking and would not be possible without the work and contributions of numerous individuals. It is my great pleasure, at the completion of this project, to thank and acknowledge as many of them as possible.

The Department Representatives from last year's board contributed a great deal of work composing comments and thoughtfully synthesizing the feedback from various sources into what you find here. Thanks for that work goes out to Chanel Chung, Subhi Farah, Rami Mohamed, Virata Thaivasigamony, and Scott Tremblay. Thanks also to our dedicated administrative assistants Wansey Poon, Cheryl Simpson, and Clara Tam for their meticulous work in getting all the data in order, and to our office manager Elvie Estrella who always seems to know where everything is when no one else can find it.

Sincere thanks are due to Andrew Paranczuk for putting a lot of time into compiling all the raw data for this calendar on quite short notice, and to Brian Harrington (who continues to work for us out of habit) for helping out with the on-line version of this publication. Thanks also to Lendyl D'Souza for the design of this year's cover graphics.

Of course the university itself has always been supportive of the Anti-Calendar project, and great thanks are due to the faculty who consented to have their evaluations printed here, the administrators who facilitated the task, and thank you especially to the exceptional department and divisional office staff without whom this would simply not be possible. Thanks as well to Computer and Networking Services, and Teaching and Learning Services, for providing innovative solutions in support of the Anti-Calendar.

A special and personal debt of gratitude is due to our out-going Vice-President of Academics, and Acting President, Preet Virdi. If not for a twist of fate this project would have been hers, and her remarkable support and willingness to contribute to this task in any way required has been a lesson and inspiration.

Thank you finally to my colleagues, and the current board of directors, for their patience and faith in me.

Jeff Rybak
Anti-Calendar Editor, and
Vice-President of Academics, SCSU

UTSC Students' Union Prize

The University of Toronto at Scarborough Students Union prize (formerly Students Council Prize) recognizes students in good academic standing entering their second, third, or fourth year who have made an outstanding contribution to the academic, social, or cultural life of the University of Toronto at Scarborough. Recipients are presented the award at the annual UTSC Honours Night, taking place in fall. The award was established in 1979.

Sheena Sharma
Salma Rawof

SCSU Awards

The following SCSU awards were initiated in the 2001-2002 year to recognize outstanding members of the University of Toronto at Scarborough community. The winners are selected by the Board of Directors of the SCSU. The awards presentation takes place in the spring at the annual UTSC Formal, presented by the SCSU in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs.

SCSU President's Award

Awarded to a student that has demonstrated leadership and enthusiasm through involvement in student interests, and who has actively contributed to the overall enjoyment of student life. The student has a strong sense of vision of what student life at UTSC should be and is working towards achieving the goals set out by that vision.

2003-04 winner: Casey Sabawi

SCSU Vice Presidents Award

This award is presented to a person that has contributed greatly to the activities and initiatives of the SCSU.

2003-04 winner: Amandeep Jaura

SCSU Clubs Award

This award is presented to one or two club presidents who have demonstrated excellent leadership and involvement in the UTSC community.

2003-04 winners: Joyce Li, Best Buddies Canada
2003-04 winners: Sheena Sharma, A Helping Hand

SCSU Teaching Award

This award is in recognition of excellence in classroom instruction, curriculum development, innovative teaching methods, mentoring and a passion for teaching.

2003-04 winner: Bill Gough

SCSU Faculty-Staff Award

This award is in recognition of outstanding contribution to enhancing quality of student life and advocating on behalf of students at UTSC.

This award was not presented this year.