Fall By-Elections 2018 Unofficial Results
for First Year Directors (2)

Gaby Fraifer (40 votes)

Devesh Juneja (44 votes)

Samir Alam Chowdhury (31 votes)

The election results will be official and finalized after the Board of Directors ratify the candidates.

For questions and/or comments, please email cro@scsu.ca.

All other Director positions remain vacant

Important Dates

Nomination Period

Opens on September 24th at 10 AM
Closes on October 3rd at 5 PM

All Candidates Meeting

Monday, October 15th

Campaigning Period

Opens on October 16th at 12 AM
Closes on October 26th at 6 PM

Voting Period

Opens on October 24th
Closes on October 26th

Contact elections@scsu.ca for questions and/or concerns!

Available Positions

(Number in brackets indicate positions available)

(1) Director of Arts, Culture & Media
(1) Director of Anthropology
(1) Director of Part-Time Students(must be enrolled as a part-time student)
(2) Director of First Year Students

To be eligible to run, you must be 18 years or older by October 23rd, 2018.