Federal Elections | SCSU Events Overview

The SCSU has organized several events to help increase your awareness for the 2015 Federal Elections candidates and their platforms.

For more information, visit www.scsu.ca/tag/federal-elections.

The following are events the SCSU has organized:

Debate Viewing
Time: Septemer 17th 8-10PM & September 28th 7-10PM
Location: Rex’s Den
The event is a viewing party of the federal election debate on foreign policy. The debate will be streamed online and projected for people. There will be free food.

Trivia night
Time: October 5th 5-7PM
Location: Rex’s Den
Partner: DSL
A trivia night focused on post-secondary issues, student debt and the job situation in Canada as well as various other election issues. There will be prizes and free food.

Immigration Panel
Time: October 6th 5-8PM
Location: MW 160
This event will focus on discussing the issues of immigration and citizenship as issues of key importance to students in the UTSC community in the upcoming election. There will be free food.

Precarious Work Workshop
Time: October 7th 4-6PM
Location: HW305 (Above Marketplace)
This event discusses precarious work environments, youth unemployment, workers rights, and unfair wages.

Election Panel
Time: October 7th 6-9PM
Location: Old Gym
UTSC will be welcoming several federal candidates for a moderated discussion on topics of important to students. Questions for candidates can be submitted at any of the other events or online to SCSU twitter. Followed by refreshments

Elections Day Party
Time: October 19th 4-6PM
Location: Rex’s Den
This event will mainly focus on creating a social atmosphere on Election Day, intended to promote a positive feeling about voting and encouraging those who have not yet gone to vote to do so.

Want to volunteer for the federal elections? Contact external@scsu.ca for more information!